First Post

28 Jun

I am an animator and artist.  I love what I do and I hope to go far with it.

It is not my only passion.

I very much so enjoy making crafts, cooking, going on new adventures and exploring new places, watching movies, and reading.  Since my life has become so hectic with career, school (I have recently decided to further my animation studies), and trying to be a good wife to my amazing husband some of the things I used to do have slowly drifted out of my life, including (sadly) spoiling my husband.

Life threw me quite the curve ball and I was forced to rearrange my priorities.  Not that they were out of whack or anything, but changes needed to be made.

I will save you the long story and just say that I am going to be true to myself and start getting back into the things I love to do.  Especially spoiling my husband, which I am certain he will love.  So, this will be my attempt to change my life and be me.

Wish me luck!

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