Makeover Time

24 Aug

All the years I was a kid I had short pixie hair, and all of high I had even shorter pixie hair and I always looked super cute.  At least I thought so.

When I went to college I was presented with quite the challenge.  Keep my hair short, or save the money on haircuts to get beer and art supplies.  I went with the latter.  When you have short hair, you really have to get it cut pretty often or else it starts looking pretty weird.  I put on a hat and went to the party.

By the time I met my husband I had about shoulder length hair.  He used to say how pretty my hair was and how much he liked it.  Then my reason for growing my hair was so the boyfriend thought I was pretty.  Then we were getting married and I wanted to grow it out so that I could style it pretty for the big day.  And now “The Husband” really loves the way I look in long hair.  Ladies, you know what I am talking about.

My hair has been driving me crazy all summer.  It’s been really hot these past couple of months and some humid it’s stupid.  My hair would not tolerate it.  Then I noticed that it’s starting to fall out.  I talked to nurse mom and she said that it’s normal for someone like me to experience it and that I will probably always be dealing with it off and on.

So I have decided to cut it.

Don’t let the picture fool you. This is the best my hair has looked all year.

I figured if I did it really fast, almost like ripping off a band-aid then I wouldn’t have a chance to chicken out.  Which I almost did.  This morning was extra difficult.  I think my hair knew how much I was starting to hate it and started to make a last ditch effort to save itself by looking pretty awesome.  But I was on to it.  My hair can’t fool me!

I found this picture floating around Pinterest and fell in love.

If only I had purple highlights in my hair.

So I made an appointment at Vanity Lab for a brand new me!  I must take a moment to rave about this place.  Everyone there is so nice and just amazingly talented and stylish.  It has a great vibe and the service is amazing.  If you are in the Northeast Ohio area and you are looking for a place to get a new look, I highly recommend them.

A brand new me!

I love my new hairstyle!  I got to admit that when they made the first cut and handed me my old pony tail, I choked up a little, but I am really glad I didn’t chicken out.  I am going to donate my hair that was saved to Locks of Love.

“The Husband” hasn’t seen the hair yet but I am sure that he will love it.  You are the first to see the new look.


2 Responses to “Makeover Time”

  1. Stronglikemycoffee August 24, 2012 at 4:42 pm #

    Haha skipping the haircut to save money is definitely something a college kid would do. Love it! Can’t wait to hear what your husband thinks 🙂

    • elliekayba August 28, 2012 at 12:45 pm #

      Hey, Stronglikemycoffee! Thanks for the comment!

      “The Husband” absolutely loves my new look! I hadn’t realized how nervous I really was about his opinion until after he said he liked it. He was calling me his “pixie wife”.

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