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Dog vs. Cats

24 Jul

For a long time George “The Husband” and I have had this long running dispute over which is better: cats or dogs.  My answer to that question has always been dogs.  Dogs will play with you, go on walks with you (which makes exercising significantly more tolerable), they’ll protect you and your home, they will snuggle with you, and the best part is THEY POOP OUTSIDE!  (What is it with cats and pooping inside?!)  I bet you can’t find a cat that can do all that or even be as awesome to make sure you won’t miss the awesomeness of a dog.*


That is until I saw this kitty. I could stare at that grumpy face all day long.  I wouldn’t even mind the poo smell in my house.

*I feel like I should take a moment here to say that cats are indeed awesome and do some hilarious things.  (IE Keyboard Cat, Grumpy Cat, Neon CAt, ect.)  I love playing with kitties and making them purr, but I am also highly allergic to them so that might explain my bias.  I just don’t want to offend any cat lovers out there.

I think I may have found the proof I need to end the debate once and for all.  First I shall present to the court exhibit A.



Now look at this video.  Exhibit B



Honestly, I think that these videos are all the proof the world needs about the debate.  Dogs love us more and are cuter and more awesome no matter how much Grumpy Cat makes me want to get a kitty.


I’ve been tagged!

16 Apr

I just got tagged to play a game on WordPress!  The positively wonderful blogger over at Manicmation decided to include me in all the fun!  If you haven’t seen her blog you should really check it out.  It’s a pretty spectacular site about animation and the love of it.  I know.  It sounds like heaven right?

You just answer 10 questions that your tagger asked and then ask 10 new ones about anything you want and then tag a few other bloggers that you admire and respect.  It’s a great way to get around the community and actually talk a little with the bloggers you follow.

So here goes!

1. If you could date any super hero, who would it be?

I would so date either Superman (well really Clark Kent) or Captain America.  They are so good and wholesome I just love it!  When I was little my dad and I watched the old Superman movie with Christopher Reeve and and I would play with my toys and ignore the TV when Superman was on, but when that nerdy, adorably awkward Clark Kent was on screen I was glued to the TV.  I have pretty much always had a soft spot for the quiet and nerdy ones.  I have to admit, though, Enrique “The Husband” has this sexy superman hair curl over his forehead that drives me crazy, and he is pretty much a goody two shoes, so I think that I married the real Clark Kent.  He even dressed up as Clark Kent one year for Halloween.  I can’t decide if he was sexier that day or on our wedding day when he wore a James Bond Tuxedo.  It might be a tie.

Yeah… Talk nerdy to me.

As for Captain America, he’s a gorgeous gentleman in a uniform who fights Nazis for ‘Merica!  What is there NOT to love about that man?  ~Swoon~

God bless ‘Merica!

 2. Have you ever cried during an Animated Movie?

All the time.  Here’s a list of some that I cry when I watch.

Up: If you don’t cry almost through the entire movie then you have no heart and I think that you should probably see a doctor about that because you might have a serious condition.

Lion King: It gets me every single time.

Mulan: As a girl who is very close to her family, the idea of wanting to make my dad proud is something that I can really relate to and seeing that scene at the end of the movie where father and daughter are reunited makes me think about how much I love my daddy.  (Yes, I know that I am 25 and still refer to my father as daddy.  I can’t help it.)


The Little Mermaid: I used to watch this with my daddy when I was little and he used to say that I was going to leave him and run off with some prince one day too.  I cry at the end because it reminds me of the exchange I had with my dad on my wedding day and what a beautiful father daughter moment it was.

Monsters Inc.: “Kitty, don’t go!”

Toy Story 3:  It made me feel nostalgic and miss being a kid.  Then I went a dug up some old toys I’ve kept and I played with them.

Dumbo: When Mrs. Jumbo is in jail and she sings to Dumbo and rocks him and sings “Baby of Mine” I lose it.  Especially when Dumbo starts crying…  Oh no.  I am crying just thinking about it.

I love you Mom!

Bambi: Seriously.

Fox and the Hound:  They just want to be friends!  Why can’t they be friends?!  Racism sucks, that’s why.

Beauty and the Beast:  It’s my favorite movie ever and I just find the whole thing so beautiful but the main reason I always cry is because it takes me back to when I was a kid and I get nostalgic remember how awesome my childhood was.

Paperman: I wrote about it here.

Essentially it happens a lot.  I am a big softie and sentimental and it doesn’t take much for me tear up.  I like to at least think that it’s a graceful little cry.

3. Would you rather star in a Western or a Sci Fi Film?

Western!  There is something super intimidating about walking down a dusty road with spurs and watching everyone scatter.  Oh!  It could be both ever like Firefly!  I’d be so down with that.

4. Which language do you wish you were fluent in?

I used to be pretty fluent in German but over the years of not using it I have lost quite a bit of it.  I wish that I hadn’t.  It would be neat to visit the mother land someday.

5. How is a Raven like a Writing Desk?

They both produce a few notes, all very flat, and are almost never turned the wrong way front.

6. What’s one quote that really inspires you?

“It is hard to fail, but it worse never to have tried to succeed.”  – Theodore Roosevelt

(I kind of have a love for all things Teddy.)

7. How many States in the United States have you been to?

I am going to guess about 13(ish).

8. Which Disney character are you most like?

I think that I am the most like Belle.  Now whether that’s because I was obsessed with her from a young age and became like her or if it’s because I am naturally like Belle is up for debate.  “The Husband” seems to think that I willed myself to be like her because I think she’s the bee’s knees.

Like a boss.

We’re both avid readers that love adventure and want more than a small town life.  We are considered the odd balls in our home towns.   We both fell in love with men who are can get very grumpy but are excellent dancers.

9. What is the cheesiest movie you’ve ever seen?

Cry Baby.  I cannot take that movie seriously.   It is just too much.  I watched it at a slumber party and I regret it.  She drinks her own tears for goodness sake!  It wasn’t even the good kind of cheesy.

10. If you could be a bird, which bird would you be?

I’d be a bald eagle.  They are just so majestic!

11. What is one job that you’d be terrible at?

Professional Football player…  That was the first thing I could think of and I think it rings pretty true.

This is what would happen.

Now for my questions!  Muahahahaha!

1.  What is your biggest pet peeve?

2.  What is your favorite movie of all time?

3.  What is your favorite song of all time?

4.  What is the best memory from your childhood?

5.  What internet meme are you most like?

6.  If you could learn any new hobby what would you choose?

7.  What is your oddest yet most endearing quirk?

8.  If you could have dinner with 3 people (living or dead) who would you invite?

9.  If you had a time machine (or a tardis) what period in time would you most want to visit or live?

10.  What is the absolute perfect day out?

And I tag all of you!  I would love to get to know more people and share the love of animation and food and essentially all things awesome.  I can’t wait to hear from you!


22 Mar

When I read this I couldn’t help but share it. These tips are increbile and I am going to start incorporating them into my life every day. We only get one life in this world and I want mine to be as happy as it can be.

Found this list on and was inspired! Hopefully it will inspire you t00!

1. Make your bed.

The book The Happiness Project, explains that this three minute task is one of the simplest habits you can adopt to positively impact your happiness.

2. Bring every room back to “ready.”

I learned this trick from Marilyn Paul’s clever book, It’s Hard to Make a Difference When You Can’t Find Your Keys. It’s a known fact: Clutter causes stress; order creates a haven from it. This mood-boosting routine is simple: Take about three minutes to bring each room back to “ready” before you depart it. (Unless you have a toddler, or a partner who likes to simulate earthquakes, three minutes should be sufficient.)

3. Display sentimental items around your home.

One reason that experiences (and memories of those experiences) make us happier than material things is due to the entire…

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Operation Name Drop

16 Aug

My husband is incredibly supportive. I will never utter a word otherwise. The thing is, he wants to remain anonymous to keep the air of mystery. So from here on out he will be referred to as “The Husband”; that ever elusive figure of sexy, pure, raw manliness.

Awwww yeah…

On the bright side, I get to write about whatever I want! Blogging is fun!

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