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Dog vs. Cats

24 Jul

For a long time George “The Husband” and I have had this long running dispute over which is better: cats or dogs.  My answer to that question has always been dogs.  Dogs will play with you, go on walks with you (which makes exercising significantly more tolerable), they’ll protect you and your home, they will snuggle with you, and the best part is THEY POOP OUTSIDE!  (What is it with cats and pooping inside?!)  I bet you can’t find a cat that can do all that or even be as awesome to make sure you won’t miss the awesomeness of a dog.*


That is until I saw this kitty. I could stare at that grumpy face all day long.  I wouldn’t even mind the poo smell in my house.

*I feel like I should take a moment here to say that cats are indeed awesome and do some hilarious things.  (IE Keyboard Cat, Grumpy Cat, Neon CAt, ect.)  I love playing with kitties and making them purr, but I am also highly allergic to them so that might explain my bias.  I just don’t want to offend any cat lovers out there.

I think I may have found the proof I need to end the debate once and for all.  First I shall present to the court exhibit A.



Now look at this video.  Exhibit B



Honestly, I think that these videos are all the proof the world needs about the debate.  Dogs love us more and are cuter and more awesome no matter how much Grumpy Cat makes me want to get a kitty.

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