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Family Office Hi-jinx

18 Sep

For the past couple of months I have been working for my family’s business as the secretary.  My mom works on a lot of design and the tech stuff while my two brothers and my dad are traveling salesmen.  Or at least that’s just Dad’s cover.  I still have my theories about international espionage.

Today all five of us are in the office without the supervision of our other co-workers.  I say “supervision” because we all tend to drift to the silly and inappropriate conversation topics.  Today’s topic?  The Kate Middleton topless photo scandal.

Earlier this week I saw this photo on Pinterest and had myself quite the giggle over the pun.  I am pretty well known for my love of lame jokes and puns make the cut.  During the discussion of today’s topic I couldn’t help but think of this image and start scheming.

I decided to email my brothers and dad the picture with the subject line “Hi-Res Kate Middleton Topless Photo”.  In the text area I typed, “I thought that you might like to have this picture for all those long trips away from home.  ;)”.  Then this picture:

Ooooo, Baby!

I think the giggling while I typed might have given me away a little with my twin brother, but the bad joke paid off handsomely when the subject line caught the eye of my older brother.

Big Brah:  “No way!  How did you find this?!  Incredible!”

Me:  “I am the master of the Googles.  It obeys my every command.”  Lighting shoots out of my keyboard as further proof of my mastery.

Twin Brah: “You haven’t opened it yet, have you.”

Big Brah: “Opening now.”

I watch his face in anticipation…

And was greeted with roaring laughter!

Big Brah: “You got me, Elle.  That was pretty good.”

Will the hi-jinx end there?  Oh no.  I sent another email that says this.

“Hey guys.
I feel kind of bad that you were disappointed that you didn’t get to see Kate’s boobies in HD, so I did a little extra digging.  I didn’t find any stills, but I did find a video someone posted from their camera phone.  I thought you might like that better anyways.”

Then I added a link.  What’s at the end of that link, you ask?  Rick Astley.  Because a good old fashioned Rick Roll is always called for.


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