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Staycation Extravaganza!

16 Aug

I have been wanting to go on a vacation with my husband all year.  For some reason I thought that going on a vacation together would be just as fun and romantic as our honeymoon.  I think I seriously underestimated my hubby’s love for being the opposite of romantic.  Is there a word for it?  If not, I think that I shall contact Noah Webster and ask him to invite one and name it after Carl.


Carl is a big home body.  He is not fond in sleeping in a bed that is not his own.  I don’t fully understand this hatred of foreign beds.  My theory is that it’s some sort of primal thing and it would be awkward if he marked his scent all over a room that is not his.  So when I suggest we have a weekend trip away from home I heard the well rehearsed mini rant about foreign beds.

My reaction to the foreign bed complaint.

So I came up with a brilliant compromise.  I said “Let’s have a staycation!”

Amazingly, he agreed to this with minimal complaining.  I Googled all day and found a lot of cool stuff to do in our city that we hadn’t done.  To be honest though, we don’t do much in the city anyway.  I think the only thing we’ve done is go to the zoo.  Then I set off to make my house into the perfect vacation spot.

I found a lot of great staycation tips at The Nest.  If you are not familiar with The Nest, it’s a great site for newlyweds or even any couple that lives together.  I get a lot of great info there.

I bought fancy satin sheets, chocolate for the pillows, and started collecting take out menus.  I put candles all over the place and and even cleaned up.  There was even a little basket of fancy soap and fun married things.  I was pretty proud of the romantic atmosphere I created.  And the husband was happy because I spent very little money on it.

Yes, Judy. Yes it was.

I even bought some plates and mugs at the Dollar Tree to decorate using that cute DIY idea that’s been floating around Pinterest for a while.  I decorated it to look like hotel logo and through in some French into the mix and wrote “Le Maison De Fredrickson”.  Because nothing classes up a joint like some French.  Here’s a link to the Beautiful Mess tutorial.  It’s the one I used.  Full disclosure: it’s didn’t work for me.  The moment I scrubbed my dishes it started fading.

I figure there are only three options for what went wrong.

  1. I did the tutorial wrong.  –  88% Liklihood
  2. The tutorial doesn’t work  –  11% Liklihood
  3. I am the Hulk of doing dishes  –   1% Liklihood

I think this seems like the most likely option.

It was a wonderful weekend though.  We built a little picnic / nest on the floor in our living room because it was too rainy to actually have a picnic outside.  We went to the science museum and checked out the local casino (and got bored), but my favorite thing of the weekend that we did together was going to see The Godfather.  My husband had never seen it.  Can you believe that?  It was something that had to be remedied immediately.  Fortunately for us  it was showing at the local theater for one night that weekend.  In the summer when they don’t have any touring plays showing, the local playhouse shows old movies and before hand they have an organist play.  When I was a kid there was a theater in my home town that did that and I always thought it was the sweetest thing.  It brought back lots of memories.  I got to share that and one of the greatest movies ever made.  Carl liked it too, which made it even better.

The only down side was that throughout the entire movie, a woman behind us was either talking or laughing at really inappropriate moments.  It seems like I cannot escape people like that whenever I got to the theater.  If you are one of those people who likes to be annoying through a movie, don’t see a movie at the same time I am.  I pay for the movie, not your commentary.  And until there are movie theaters laid out like this, then just don’t talk.

I am sorry.  I digress.

The staycation was a HUGE success.  We both had fun doing new things together, snuggling in our nest, and eating chocolates.  We are actually thinking about doing another one for Christmas.

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